Skinny Bastard
Book Cover
For the bitches in your life...

Praise for the #1 New York Times Bestseller Skinny Bitch

"A funny foul-mouthed ode . . . ”
The New York Times Book Review 

“The authors are brazen . . .They’re not trying to win popularity contests . . . they just want healthy people.”
—Associated Press News Syndicate

“Ready to jump-start [the year] with an electric prod to the system?. . . They tell it like it is, and without delicacy.”
Chicago Sun Times

“By no means for the faint hearted . . . this is as hard hitting as it comes!”
Hot Stars (UK) 

“Sensible advice . . .”
Health & Fitness UK 

"Skinny Bitch dishes up scientifically sound information that will change your health and your life. Its 'in-your-face' approach is at once engaging and humorous, and belies its serious and well-researched underbelly. It’s the spark that will start your personal revolution. Pick it up. Read every last word."
—Amy Joy Lanou, Ph.D., Senior Nutrition Scientist, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine